All photos courtesy Steve Fields/Hobie BOS

As noted by Tournament Director AJ McWhorter on the Hobie Bass Open Series Facebook page:

“Ewing Minor is the Champion of the Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole Total Boat Control, Harris Chain of Lakes event brought to you by Lowrance! He dominated the field of 155 on day 1 with our largest single day limit ever (108.5″) and held off all challengers on day 2 with another impressive limit (93″) to complete a 2-day total of 201.5″

We here at will reach out to the champ. For now, our own Vance McCullough having competed in the event, we can tell you that a cold front and changeable conditions, combined with the fishing pressure typical of an early season tournament in Florida, caused this event to fish tougher than Minor made it look.

photo courtesy Steve Fields/Hobie BOS

Minor’s margin of victory was nearly 15 inches over runner-up Justin Largen who’s two-day total was 186.75 inches.

Minor also fishes the collegiate ranks from a bass boat and he fell back on a spot that produced a win for another team during a torunament in January when practice for the Hobie BOS proved fruitless.

The key to sustained success was to wind a gold shiner colored Jackhammer Chatterbait dressed with a 3.8 Keitech trailer as slowly as possible through a 60-yard stretch of offshore grass where Minor spent his entire tournament. He moved the Jackhammer just enough to get the blade moving and noted that the Keitech was the only trailer that would kick at such as slow speed. He would occasionally pop the lure free of grass and elicit a strike that way.